Liberty Bitcoin Fund
Single Asset Fund for Accredited Investors
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Secure, efficient, institutional access to Bitcoin

A new asset class

Bitcoin has established itself over the last ten years as a non-correlated digital asset with an asymmetric risk profile. However, the complexities of procurement and safely storing Bitcoin have prevented institutional investors from effectively participating in the asset class. Access to Bitcoin remains difficult for many professional investors. Investors not only have to worry about obtaining Bitcoin in a credible way but also storing and securing their Bitcoin, making them prone to loss.

Exposure through a passive tracker fund

The Liberty Bitcoin Fund is a passive tracker of Bitcoin (BTC). It effectively functions as a Bitcoin ETF. The fund is formally structured as a regulated Mutual Fund in the Cayman Islands and is available only to Accredited Investors. The fund provides investors with institutional level access to Bitcoin without the burden of buying and safekeeping coins. All Bitcoin held by the fund is kept with a Hong Kong listed Custodian and covered by insurance. The Liberty Bitcoin Fund offers weekly liquidity.

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The assets of the Liberty Bitcoin Fund are covered by insurance and use a best-in-class Custodian. Assets are stored in cold storage wallets, secured in military grade vaults, with measures put in place to protect against physical, electronic, and electromagnetic attacks.


Weekly liquidity in a regulated fund structure allows accredited investors quick and efficient exposure to Bitcoin. Investors are not burdened with having to acquire or safe keep coins themselves and instead hold traditional shares.


The Liberty Bitcoin Fund is regulated as a mutual fund, administered by a professional fund administrator, audited by a top tier audit firm and assets secured by a Hong Kong listed Custodian. Investors receive monthly NAV statements in USD, which can be used for tax filings and internal accounting.

Liberty Bitcoin Fund
Secure, efficient, institutional access to Bitcoin for Accredited Investors